Mom & I Jewelry – a symbol for the eternal bond between a  mother and her child that celebrates motherhood. The Design of Mom&I is based on the heartfelt and tender moments between a mother and her child. The Idea is to celebrate the miracle of birth, the process of  becoming a mother and the motherhood itself as well as driven by  the needs showing your gratitude for everything your mother has  done for you.
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ORNATUS  Watches ~Ornate the Moment~ Welcome to ORNATUS Watches!  .
ORNATUS is a German watch  manufacturer for unique watches  equiped with exclusive, hand  engraved dials and movements from  Düsseldorf, Germany, for individuals  of character, who value quality and  tasteful extravagance. ORNATUS  creates passionate timepieces, which  personifies the vision of uniting time,  art and jewelry in one unique  symbiosis.

Ornatus Watches ~ Work of Art ~ handcrafted in Germany.